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Art Nouveau Poppy Lampshades

This is one of a pair of lampshades, one with red and one with orange poppies, that I was commissioned to make for a fan of the Art Nouveau period.  I loved making them and was delighted with how they turned out, although the waxing of the background was fiendishly difficult!

I have used the Batik crackle effect particularly on the background as it reminds me of the 'crackle' glass produced in the Art Nouveau period.

Before the lampshade is made up, you can see it is a large and complicated piece of work ....
 This is the one with the red poppies.  It would have been tempting to make just one panel of the design, leaving the rest crackle background but I particularly like the intricate flowing style of the design going around the whole shade, all six panels.

This, with the bright orange poppies, shows a close-up of three of the six panels.

Flushed with the success of the Poppy lampshades, I am now working on two similar Art Nouveau style lampshades, one with irises, which are my favourite flowers and one with lilies.  When I've got the designs and colour tests done, I'll show you the results!

If you are interested in commissioning a lampshade like these Poppies, or one with different flowers, or in fact any Art Nouveau style lampshade, just send me an email and I would be happy to talk about it.  Prices start from £250

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