Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.

Sunset Gondola

Venice is so beautiful as the sun sets behind the San Salute church.  This small A4 size study is the latest in a series I have been working on since New Year.  There's something incredibly exciting, after a week of intense work, to scrape off the wax, iron out the excess and then hold the finished work up to the light.  This one was so much as I hoped it would be it caused a sharp intake of breath!  Every now and again I do a piece of Batik that has a bit of magic about it, that 'wow' factor and this is one of those.

It is now framed and back-lit (48cm x 38cm inc frame) and SOLD at the Exhibition Preview in the Gallery for £395.

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