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Reflections of Venice

I feel I've spent my whole batiking life (over 40 years!) trying to conquer reflections, trying to get the free flow of the wax to capture the 'liquid' look of water.

This study of reflections in Venice is probably the most challenging so far!  It is from a photograph I took when I was last there and has been drawn out on the cloth and waiting for me on the light-table I work on for months.  I think I've been putting off tackling it!

Well, now it's finished and I'm really happy with the result.  Because of its almost abstract style, I felt more free to express myself and got quite brave with the speed I needed to lay down the hot liquid wax to get the fluid lines.  It's only small (about A4 size) so it was really complicated to work on and I worked in short stints to avoid mistakes so easily made when I'm tired.  These days though I'm working for pure pleasure, away from all the pressures of the past, so can I spend as long as it takes to get things right.

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik 'Reflections of Venice' (37cm x 27cm inc frame) is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £250
If you would like to buy it, send me an email. 

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