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Venice Bridges

'Ponte del Squero'

This small study is a new version of the much larger picture 'Venice with Poles' which I did years ago.  In this one, 'Ponte del Squero' I have changed the colour of the poles to red, to give them even more impact as the focal point of the work.

This scene is of a very quiet backwater not far from the busy Fondamenta Nuove, with the gondolas moored under the protection of the bridge.

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik (25cm x 36cm inc frame)  'Ponte del Squero' is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £195

'Ponte del Megio'

Here is a simple Venetian scene with the pretty bridge, 'Ponte del Megio', over a quiet canal in the Sante Croce district.  I have deliberately kept the houses plain, laying on the wax with a wide brush, to contrast with the delicate intricacy of the iron railings of the bridge.

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik 'Ponte del Megio' (25cm x 36cm inc frame)  is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £195

'Venice Bridge 1'

This, one of a series of studies of la bella Venezia, is another bridge scene.  The sun is shining and the colours are bright.  I have used the Batik 'crackle' effect both to give texture to the sky and the crumbling decayed look of the old buildings.  Again, the reflections in the still water of the canal are the main focus of the study.

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik 'Venice Bridge 1' (38cm x 28cm inc frame) is SOLD

'Venice Bridge 2'

This is one of a series of little Venice studies. It is of a pretty bridge typical of many in Venice.  As ever I have concentrated on the reflections to show the form and surface of the water.  I have used the Batik crackle effect to show the crumbling Venetian facades.

This study though shows an example of the pitfalls of working in Batik!  Whilst waxing the white areas of the bridge, I (for some unknown reason) missed the last section of the railings on the bridge.  I didn't realise my mistake until several colours down the line when, with much cursing for my stupidity, I then waxed in the missing railings - but they are now brown.  The Batik process is very unforgiving.  Once you've missed a bit, it's too late - you can't go back!  I was still rather pleased with the way the whole study had turned out though with the brown railings appearing to be in deep shadow, so this time I think I got away with it!

Framed and back-lit, this original Batik 'Venice Bridge 2'  (36cm x 25cm inc frame) is FOR SALE in the Gallery for £195

'Lady with a Red Umbrella'

This is of my late mother, although she would never have carried a bright red umbrella like this one but I needed the red to help lead the eye to focus on her.  She and I went to Venice many times together, and I have very fond memories of our trips.

'Lady with a Red Umbrella' (38cm x 28cm) is SOLD in the Gallery for £250

The 'Lady with a Green Umbrella' is walking over a pretty bridge over typical narrow Venetian side canal.  This small study (15"x11" inc frame) is framed and back-lit and FOR SALE in the Gallery for £250

The Batik originals of these Venetian Bridges are FOR SALE, framed and back-lit, all individually priced.  If you are interested in buying one, email me.  I can post anywhere, just ask for a quote and I will work out the post & packing costs for you.

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