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With winter fast approaching and rain coming down by the bucket load, I seem drawn (maybe not so surprisingly) towards doing designs of spring flowers!  I must be in denial about the winter thing!

This is a detail taken from my latest piece of work, another lampshade, this time Snowdrops. To get them to appear to be nodding in the wind, I've used textured brush work in the waxing for the background, laying the wax on one brush full at a time and letting the wax cool before putting another brush full down.  I have worked the dark green dye into the tiny gaps where one brush full meets the next creating a lively, busy, 'moving' texture as a backdrop to the snowdrops.

The finished lampshade (8" tall x 8"diameter) is now SOLD.
Amazingly the sun came out so I photographed it in the garden - although it should be in the snow really ....

.....and here it is lit up.
Let me know if you would like to commission a little Snowdrops framed original or lampshade.  I would be happy to discuss sizes, prices and timing, just email.

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