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Art Nouveau Panel

I'm working towards making a new lampshade based on this Art Nouveau design.  These colours are a combination I haven't used before, so I did this little panel as a try-out.  To get the terracotta brown, I put bright orange dye on top of the blue/grey and it worked!

I absolutely love Art Nouveau especially the flowing whiplash lines of the early designs.  This design I have adapted, is from a brass jug I have which was made by J Sankey in the early 1900s.  I collect anything I can afford of the period and if each piece I buy inspires me to do some new work, then I can sell it and buy more original Art Nouveau! That's the plan anyway!

I really liked the rough border where I had been testing the colours while I was working, so I decided to mount ithe finished original onto a white cotton background and frame it complete.  The 'Art Nouveau Panel' is FOR SALE in my Gallery (16"x12 inc frame) for £125.  Let me know by email if you are interested in buying it, or would like to commission a lampshade featuring the design.

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