Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.

Jungle Tabby

I had great fun with the setting for this cat, cracking the wax to let in the dark colours in for the branch.  To get the texture I want, I screw up the cloth into a ball.  The wax cracks, creases and quite often falls off altogether.  Before dyeing it, I must repair cracks that I don't want on the cat itself.  The overlapping leaves are done with overlapping brush strokes of hot wax, then a darker colour dyed on the back of the cloth.

The Batik original of 'Jungle Tabby' is SOLD (I seem to remember it went to Germany) but you can still buy the image in 7x5 cards, prints, and gift tags, click here for prices and then email your order to me.

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