Welcome to the Buffy Robinson website. Here you can see the largest ever collection of my Batik work. My canalside Gallery in Shropshire is open by appointment, so please email me if you would like to arrange a visit and I would be happy to show you around.


I'm often asked "Why do you work in Batik and don't just simply paint your pictures?  Isn't painting a lot easier?"  One of the things I answer is that I can get effects with Batik which I would never achieve in watercolour or acrylic.  This simple little Batik of cornflowers illustrates that perfectly.  The wonderful marbled texture of the background, with different colours let into the cracks, gives me that magical Batik 'signature' which I would never be able to paint.

The original Batik 'Cornflowers' is mounted and framed & back-lit (15"x13"inc frame) and has SOLD in Summer Exhibition for £150.   If you would like to commission a  'Cornflowers' Batik just send me an email.

The design is also very successful as a lampshade.  For all my flower lampshades, prices start at £95.  Let me know if you would like to commission a 'Cornflowers'  lampshade made specially for you.

The 'Cornflowers' design is also available in signed prints, click here for prices and then email me with your order.

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