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Venice Sunset

I did this painting in 1992, just after returning from my first magical visit to Venice.  I always am trying to free up my style and be braver, so with only a bare pencil sketch on the cloth of the shape of the lamp and the church, I set about boldly laying on the hot liquid wax!  I worked with a 1"paintbrush - much wider than I was used to, letting the hot wax penetrate right through the cloth for the bright sunset and laying it on cooler for the shaded areas.  I had to work the liquid wax all around and in between the lamp itself, as the lamp would be what was left unwaxed at the end.  I then dyed colours both on the front and then on the back, where the wax hadn't penetrated, to get the shaded effect in the sky and the water.

I had taken a photograph of the sun setting behind the San Salute church and I waited for it to shine directly through the windows of the dome.  I gave the original Batik as a memento to my mother who had been on the trip with me and she had it back-lit in her hall till she died.  I now have it in my house and its soft gentle light is perfect as a night light.

Venice Sunset is available to buy in cards, paperweights, prints and gift tags, click here for prices.  Many people buy the card as a sympathy card because of its peaceful atmosphere.  If you would like  some, just email your order to me.

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