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Sheep in the Snow

I had good fun with this one, making it as cold looking as I possibly could with the greys and blues.  I used a wide brush to lay the wax on in large blobs for the lumpy texture of the snow, letting each brushful cool before laying down the next one.  This let  fine lines of dye seep into the cracks between the brushstrokes.  I then dyed the cloth on the back with a cool mid-grey to pick up detail where the melted wax hadn't penetrated to give a shading effect.  The snow has just the look and feel I was after.

The original Batik 'Sheep in the Snow' is SOLD but the design is available in my range of Christmas cards, also in paperweights, prints and gift tags, click here for prices, and if you would like to buy any just email me with your order.

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