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Hunting Scene

This matching pair of 'Hunting Scene' lampshades are definitely a one-off!  They took over two weeks to complete and were ridiculously complicated, so much so that I swore I would not be doing repeats in the future!  They are 10"high x10"diameter and FOR SALE in my Gallery for £250 each or £495 for the pair.

On each lampshade the horses and hounds charge furiously around, one clockwise, the other anticlockwise to make a mirrored pair.

The master of hounds blows his horn, while the wily fox watches in safety from the hedge!

It's a chaotic, lively scene, full of mishaps ....

.... but luckily not for the fox!

If you would like to buy either one of these hand made 'Hunting Scene' original Batik lampshades or the pair just send me an email.

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