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Buckby Can

For many years my partner and I travelled the inland waterways in our narrowboat Merganser.  This Batik painting is of my own 'Buckby Can' which I used to water the flowers and veg I had in tubs along the length of the boat's roof.  Buckby Cans were traditionally carried as water cans on all old working boats.

I bought mine in the shop I used to sell to, at the Waterways Museum at Gloucester Docks in the late 1980's.  It was one of a few remaining cans they had left that were painted by a very talented canal artist - but I didn't write down her name!  Does anyone recognise her work?  I'd love to know who she is.  I still have the can, although the narrowboat (and the partner!) are long since gone.

The original framed Batik 'Buckby Can' was stolen, among others, from an an exhibition at Manchester Central Library in the early 1990's!  I got paid by the insurance so I don't want it returned, I just wonder where it ended up, I hope with someone who appreciates it!

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