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Cat in the Moonlight

Original Batik 'Cat in the Moonlight'

Many years ago, as she was setting off for school one morning my small daughter said to me "The trouble with Batik is that you couldn't do a black cat at night could you mum?"  This came from my explanation to her earlier that in Batik, black is the last colour to go on and can only go on the parts of the picture not covered by wax.  Her thought was that a Batik of a black cat at night would not have any wax on at all and would in fact be just a black piece of cloth.  Well, I always like a challenge, so a week later I called her into the studio to see what I had done.  'Cat in the Moonlight', which happened as a result of all this, has been my best-selling design of all time for cards, prints, paperweights and bookmarks.

The original 'Cat in the Moonlight' is still in my Gallery in Shropshire, framed and backlit (66mm x 73mm inc frame) and marked 'Not for Sale' (I once turned down £2500!).  You know how sometimes you do something and when you stand back and look at it, you think 'Did I really do that?'  This picture happened by that sort of 'magic' and it's always been very special to me.

I do however have it available in 6x4 cards, paperweights, bookmarks and gift tags, click here for prices then email me with your order.

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